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The number of students who graduate from Vassar with a major in chemistry ranges from five to twelve students each year. Approximately the same number of students also obtain a degree in biochemistry.

The declared chemistry majors from all classes form our majors committee which plays a vital role in the department, with responsibilities ranging from organizing our annual end-of-year picnic to distributing and collating majors’ evaluations of the faculty.

The chemistry majors are also instrumental in the planning and conducting of outreach activities during National Chemistry Week. Another extremely important role of the majors is to serve as chemistry tutors and laboratory interns in the General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry laboratory courses. The laboratory interns assist the regular instructor in the teaching of the laboratory section. Some chemistry majors, as well as other interested chemistry students, are active in Vassar’s student affiliates chapter of the American Chemical Society.

Majors Committee

Majors Committee meetings are generally held every other Friday at 1:00 pm in the Chemistry Faculty Lounge. The Major's Committee Chair will announce meetings via email.