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  • FPLC: (AKTA); General Electric
  • GC: Agilent (6890 with ECD & FID Detectors), Gow-Mac Series 580 (3)
  • GC/MS: Hewlett-Packard MS 5975, GC 7890
  • GPC: Agilent Technology 1260 with variable wavelength, refractive index and viscometry detectors
  • HPLC: Agilent Technology/1200 Complete System–Diode Array Detector
  • HPLC: Agilent Technology/ 1100 Complete System–Diode Array Detector
  • HPLC: Agilent Technology/1200 Complete System–Mass Spectrometer as detector
  • IC: Dionex ICS 3000
  • LC/MS: Agilent 1100 HPLC, Agilent 6520 electrospray ionization QTOF MS, with Parker Ballston Nitroflow lab nitrogen generator

Computational Resources

  • Cluster of six 4-processor Linux 64-bit IBM workstations
  • 8-processor IBM blade server

Crystal X-Ray Diffraction:

Bruker APEX2 DUO platform X-ray diffractometer (with Monocap X-ray waveguide, Cu IuS microsource,
APEX II charge-couple device (CCD) detector and Oxford liquid nitrogen cryostream)


  • Solartron 1255B/S11287 Electrochemical systems
  • BASi CGME CV-50W Potentiostat/electrode
  • EG&G Princeton Applied Research Model 264A Polarographic Analyzer Stripping Voltameter
  • EG&G Princeton Applied Research Model 303A SMDE Voltameter
  • EG&G Princeton Applied Research Model 362 Scanning Potentiostat


  • NMR: Bruker Avance 400 MHz
  • UV/VIS: Hewlett-Packard 8452A; Agilent Tehnologies (2) 8453 (diode array); Agilent Technologies Cary 100 with temperature control and cell changer
  • FTIR: Thermo Nicolet iS50 with built in ATR; Thermo Nicolet Avatar 330
  • Fluorescence: PTI C60 Quantmaster
  • Circular Dichroism (CD): Applied Photo Physics Chirascan
  • Raman: Thermo Scientific DXR
  • AA: Teledyne Leeman Labs Hydra AA mercury Analyzer
  • ICP OES: Spectro Genesis
  • XRF: Bruker Tracer III-V handheld
  • AFS: PSA Analytical Millenium Excalibur System (set for As analysis)
  • Polarimeter: Rudolph Autopol III


  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM): Hitachi S5000
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM): Veeco Multimode Nanoscope 3A
  • Thermal Analysis: Shimadzu DSC–50 and TGA–50; Parr 1455 Calorimeter (2)
  • Personal Molecular Imager System: BioRad
  • Gel Documetation System: Bio Rad Versadoc 4000 MP
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge: Sorvall Lynx 4000
  • Refrigerated shaking incubator: Thermo MaxQ5000
  • Shaking incubator: Thermo MaxQ4000
  • Plate Incubators: Isotemp Fisher Scientific (2)
  • Gel electrophoresis units: Horizon and BioRad (10) and power supplies: BioRad (5) Powerpac 300 and Powerpac 3000
  • Glove box: Vacuum Atmospheres Company Omni Lab (2)
  • SCP Science Digiprep Jr. Block Digestion System
  • JM Auto magnetic susceptibility balance