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Recommended Sequence

Students considering majoring in chemistry should elect chemistry and calculus during their freshman year. Physics 113/114 should be taken either during the freshman or sophomore year. Students who plan to graduate in less than four years, should consult with a department advisor early in their first semester. All members of the chemistry faculty are firmly committed to assisting in the design of a student’s educational program in chemistry, and encourage students to speak with them about their plans in chemistry at any time during their undergraduate career. A typical sequence of courses for a degree in chemistry which is certified by the ACS is:

Freshman Year

General Chemistry: Chem. 108/109 or 125
Calculus: Math 121/122 or 125

Sophmore Year

Organic Chemistry: Chem. 244/245
Topics in Classical and
Modern Physics: Physics 113/114

Junior Year

Physical Chemistry: Chem. 350/352
Instrumental Analysis: Chem. 362
300 level elective in chemistry
Chem. 298 or Chem. 370
372a/373b Integrated Chemistry Laboratory

Senior Year

Senior Independent Research: Chem. 399
Senior Thesis: Chem. 300
Inorganic Chemistry and Lab: Chem. 326
300 level elective in chemistry